Free Spirit Yacht Yoga with a Bang

By July 1, 2022Blog

Free Spirit is offering the most relaxing experience, a combination of yoga, fireworks, and viewing the beautiful Chicago skyline while cruising Lake Michigan. Join us July 6th from 6:30-9:30pm. Begin your night of relaxation with an hour of Yoga in the park, with instructor Angela Motola-Donofrio. Following this is a cruise providing snacks, beverages and a firework display. Disconnect from the stressful world around you for three hours of peace and serenity. Purchase your tickets now before they sell out!

Angela Motola-Donofrio

Angela loves to work out and maintains her yoga/fitness practices to continue to show-up, pay attention and live with purpose. Teaching since 2014 has inspired her to move beyond limiting beliefs and continue to shatter stereotypes. She believes that mixing things up and having fun are keys to preventing injury, staying committed and improve overall health. Angela invites you to connect physically with your breath and through physical challenges to get stronger mentally as well as physically. Remember, the power of movement goes beyond what meets the eye.

Yoga Flow

Connect and have fun! Start with intention and connect with the power of your breath. Class will continue with grounding and a yoga flow to connect within. The energy will build with a fun, slow vinyasa practice, closing with focus on joint mobility. Our practice finishes with gratitude and closure.

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