1.  Free Spirit Yacht Cruises requires 50% of the charter rate as deposit at the time of reservation to book a Charter and reserve a date and time.

2.  The Charterer is responsible for the timely and safe boarding and disembarking of the yacht. Boarding will begin 15 minutes prior to departure unless other arrangements have been approved by Free Spirit Yacht Cruises.  Disembarking will be no later than the time stated on the invoice.  ANY ADDITIONAL TIME WILL RESULT IN A CHARGE TO CHARTERER. Free Spirit Yacht Cruises’ Captain and Crew will assist in the boarding and disembarking process.

3.  The Charterer and all guests of the Charterer assume full responsibility for proper conduct during the charter.  The Charterer also understands and agrees its guests will adhere to the instructions of the Free Spirit Yacht Cruises’ Captain and Crew. Further, the Charterer is responsible for any and all loss or damage from negligent or willful misuse of the property of Free Spirit Yacht Cruises caused by the Charterer or any guests.

4.  Free Spirit Yacht Cruises reserves the right and absolute discretion to terminate the charter, without further notice, in the event of any inappropriate or illegal behavior, or should the Charterer or any guest of the Charterer refuse to comply with the instructions or order of the Captain or Crew of the Free Sprit Yacht Cruises. If any illegal substances, including marijuana, are discovered on board the charter, the proper authorities will be alerted and the charter immediately terminated.  No refunds will be given to the Charterer.

5.  The deposit and any payments toward the balance will be forfeited should the Charterer, for any reason, cancel the charter.  Free Spirit Yacht Cruises has the right and sole discretion to modify the charter due to adverse weather conditions. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER.

a.  If Free Spirit Yacht Cruises determines, in its sole discretion, that extreme and dangerous weather prohibits the charter, Free Spirit Yacht Cruises will make arrangements to deliver Charterer’s food to an agreed upon location and monies will be retained for food, delivery and taxes. In this extreme case, Free Spirit Yacht Cruises will reschedule Charterer’s Charter Date and Time; the balance of monies collected (minus the food, delivery and taxes) will be retained and used towards Charter’s rescheduled Charter Date and Time.

b.  If Free Spirit Yacht Cruises determines, in its sole discretion, that lake conditions are undesirable for Charterer and Charterer guests, Free Spirit Yacht Cruises will remain at the dock in Burnham Harbor and Charterer will be refunded 50% of the charter rate. There is no reduction for food or bar service under these circumstances.

6.  Bar charges are based on a per person rate.  Final payment is due 10 days prior to Charter Date, at which time the number of guests must be confirmed and final payment paid. There will be no refunds in the event of a decreased number of guests.

7.  The Charterer and any guests are not permitted to bring aboard any alcoholic beverages or to leave the yacht with them.  All alcoholic beverages must be provided by the Free Spirit Yacht Cruises and must be consumed on board.

8.  Listed are Safety Guidelines, which the Charterer agrees to follow.  In the event that any guest is injured while aboard the Free Spirit Yacht Cruises, they agree to notify the Captain or Crew immediately.

    Seasickness. Any medicine taken to prevent seasickness should be taken one hour before the charter. To minimize the potential for queasiness, guests should stay in an area with fresh air and above deck.

    There are no plumbers at sea. The marine toilet (called a head) is a complicated mechanism any foreign matter (especially feminine hygiene products) thrown into it may cause trouble.

    Smoking. We do not allow smoking aboard the Free Spirit Yacht Cruises, in compliance with the City of Chicago No-Smoking Ordinance.

    Children. Children are welcome aboard the Free Spirit Yacht Cruises, but must remain under the supervision and control of their parent or guardian at all times. Children under 90 lbs. are required to wear life jackets on outside deck areas.

    United States Coast Guard Certification. The Free Spirit Yachts are United States Coast Guard inspected and licensed for commercial use.

    Other Guidelines to ensure the safety of all guests.

    No swimming.

    Guest may not sit on handrails or stand on benches or chairs.

    Guests are not permitted in areas marked “crew only”.

    Low heels and rubber-soled shoes are advised. High heels are not recommended.

9.  If any dispute arises between Free Spirit Yacht Cruises & Charterer, Free Spirit Yacht Cruises will be entitled to reimbursement of attorneys’ fees.

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