Flashback On Our Season

By October 19, 2021Blog

After an eventful season, it is important to sit back and reflect on all that we were able to accomplish, especially in times of hardship where it is difficult to see the light. After facing many adaptations, we persevered to create memorable and versatile experiences for all who cruise with us. Our decision to cruise unmasked exemplifies our eagerness to return to normalcy. Take a trip down memory lane with Free Spirit as we share our hit events of the summer.

Summer of Relaxation

Yacht Yoga has been a hit event time and time again on our cruises! We partnered with Yoga Body Elements to create the ultimate relaxation experience: yoga and cruising, led by Cindy Huston! Over the course of our season, we have held various yoga events, each for 45 minutes and followed by a 2-hour cruise, so that your day with us is nothing but relaxing on the open water.

A Unique Meeting Experience

Free Spirit has lent a helping hand to multiple corporations in enhancing meeting experiences and simply helping teams show their employees appreciation. Free Spirit is equipped with everything one would need to take their office onto the water, whether it be projectors, or boards. Companies who cruised with us had a wonderful experience cruising the open water. There is nothing like showing your employees how much you appreciate their time and dedication than throwing a corporate party or function, taking advantage of the long list of trusted vendors that we have provided.

A Family Event Like No Other

Here at Free Spirit, we believe family is at the heart of our company! We were given the opportunity to reunite with our family, located all over the country, who we did not have the chance to see during the harsh times over the last year. Thanks to Windy City Silkscreening, we had custom-made shirts made for all of our family members! With these shirts, we were able to feel united once again! While we were given the chance to see our family, we wanted to help reunite other families who had lost touch with their loved ones due to COVID, and we were able to do so with our cruises.

Dinner & Discussion

Our dinner cruises have remained a hit at Free Spirit! In particular, we held one with special guest Doctor Mark Zumhagan on September 10th. This three-hour event centered around all things freedom. The ever-changing rules and regulations can be difficult to navigate, so Free Spirit found it fitting to delve into the social issues that Chicago is facing every day. To top this off, the dinner served was a crowd favorite: delectable caesar salad, chicken breast, and potatoes. Let’s not forget about the dessert: Banana Creme Pie Shooters, Assorted Brownies, and Fresh Fruit.

Creating Your Favorite Memories

At Free Spirit, we serve you. The main part of our mission is to help you create your ideal experience. Amidst a season of constant change and confusion, we aimed to be the one thing that you could rely on to destress and catch up with your loved ones. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you this season, whether it be to bond with your loved ones, show your appreciation towards your dedicated employees or having joined us for one of our many events! We are excited for next season, so don’t be afraid to book with us in advance if you’re interested in taking an event on the water next year!

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